Established in 1924, Metalminotti is an integrated manufacturer specialized in the production of Copper and unconventional Copper alloys addressed to electro-mechanical industry, steel and metallurgical industry and to all applications requiring excellent mechanical and physical properties.

Metalminotti supplies cast, forged and wrought materials, semi and finished-machined products in several shapes, from small to large sizes, as per customers drawings and requirements.

Product excellence, established reliability and extremely short lead-times make Metalminotti competitive on the international market, which represents more than 85% of its turnover. Metalminotti often takes part in big public procurements for important international projects.

Metalminotti covers all major international standards. In addition, thanks to its consolidated know-how in the copper field, Metalminotti offers its patented Copper alloys – specially designed to improve product and production process performances of its customers.

Metalminotti is an ISO 9001:2015 qualified company  since 1994. Its commitment to customer satisfaction imposes to respect very high quality standards.

Its plant in Varedo consists of 7 production departments equipped with the most recent technologies. Its in-house laboratory is accredited by the main external official bodies to perform quality tests.