Among the oldest Italian manufacturers, Metalminotti has become throughout the time an important benchmark for designing engineers, producers, dealers and machine tool manufacturers thanks to high mechanical and physical properties of its Copper and Copper alloys.

Almost a century of production allowed to gather an unequalled know-how in processing Copper and its alloys. Therefore, Metalminotti is able to offer high quality copper-based products to customers and its specific technical advices in developing tailor-made solutions to increase their products and processes performances.

Metalminotti offers forged, extruded, cold-drawn, drop-forged and centrifugally cast, semi and finish-machined products as well as components. It provides a wide choice of sizes and formats for rods, bars, sheets, plates, rings and discs, etc. Metalminotti also supplies special shapes and profiles according to its customers’ drawings and specifications where very tight tolerances are granted too.

Metalminotti covers all major international standards. Along with this, its offer includes its special patented alloys – designed for customers specific requirements.

Metalminotti disposes of a large inventory of sheets, extruded, forged and rough machined solid rounds in a wide range of copper grades and dimensions. If requested, it carries out specific cuttings to get finished items with CNC water-jet machines saving material and extra machining.


  • Cu-ETP
  • Cu-OF
  • Cu-OFHC ( 99,99% also available with very fine grain size)
  • Cu-HPC
  • Cu-Ag

High conductivity Copper alloys

  • CuZr
  • CuCr
  • CuCrZr
  • 204
  • 205 ( Beryllium free RWMA CL III )
  • 206 ( Beryllium free RWMA CL IV)
  • CuBe1
  • CuNiBe
  • CuBe2

Copper Silicon for electro-mechanical applications

  • CuSi0.12
  • CuSi0.20
  • CuSi0.35
  • CuSi0.55
  • CuSi1.70

Binary Brasses

  • OZ5
  • OZ10
  • OZ15
  • OZ20
  • OZ37
  • OZ40

Copper Beryllium

  • CuBe1
  • CuBe2

Copper alloys for aeronautical applications

  • 214 (CuNi14Al3)
  • CuBe2
  • C63000
  • MV4
  • MV12

Aluminium Bronzes

  • MZ2
  • MZ4
  • MZ5
  • MZ6
  • MZ6S
  • MZ6H
  • MZ6HH
  • MZW( Non-Magnetic, spark-proof, splinter-proof, homologated by MM n° 39042 of 18thMay1956 and by Enpi)

Cupro-Nickel and other corrosion-resistant Copper Alloys

  • CuNi90-10
  • CuNi70-30

Manganese Bronzes

  • MV1
  • MV3