Metalminotti is a leading producer in the manufacturing of semi and finished products addressed to electro-mechanical applications, in particular to Electric motor producers and Power generation sector.

Thanks to its special cycle of production, Metalminotti gets an extremely fine grain size, hence excellent mechanical and physical properties.

Metalminotti is an integrated producer which supplies a huge variety of complementary products such as finish machined short circuit rings and rotor bars ready to be assembled in the rotor.

Metalminotti offers a wide range of Copper and Copper alloys in many sizes:

  • Rings: from dia ø 100 to 2600 mm
  • Bars: up to 2400 mm2

It can provide hundreds of different profiles according to customers drawings and requirements with very tight tolerances.

For Synchronous and Asynchronous electric motors

  • Short circuit rings
  • Rotor bars
  • Non-magnetic locking rings
  • Damper rings and sectors
  • Commutator rings

For Turbo-generators

  • Slot wedges
  • Damper rings & sectors
  • Lead cores
  • Retaining rings

High voltage switch contacts – drop forged

Overhead contact line equipment – drop forged