Metalminotti’s manufacturing plants are located close by Milano. The plant in Varedo develops over a 24000mq area. Its 7 production departments are equipped with high-tech machinery and systems and perfectly match the quality system requirements. The plant in San Vittore Olona ( very close to Malpensa airport) has the cutting-edge furnaces and instrumets for sand-castings.

Both plants have their own in-house laboratory, which are fully equipped and accredited by the main external official bodies (such as ISPESL, LLOYD’S, etc.) to perform quality tests and inspections. Personnel is qualified at level 2 and 3 to performs quality tests on material.

Metalminotti is committed to customer satisfaction and successfully achieves it by providing a wide offer of top performance Copper products, complementary services, quick deliveries and full traceability.


  • Engineering of Metalminotti’s alloys properties and casting process
  • 12 furnaces
  • Up to 22 ton per casting
  • Spectrophotometer connected with the foundry


  • 2 new forging presses and a new powerful manipulator for heavy forgings: up to 5 tons/pc
  • Rings up to Ø3200mm
  • Drop-forgings up to 20 Kg weight
  • 3 forging hammers: up to 800kg power


  • Annual Production: 5000 tons per year
  • 2400 tons press with cooling bed, and with horizontal and vertical coiler.


  • Production of 5000 tons per year
  • According to Customers’s drw
  • Tight tolerances
  • “Zero emission” pickling system, 4 draw-benches and bull block.


  • CNC milling machines: capacity 2500x1000x750mm
  • Turning, drilling: CNC lathes up to Ø3200mm
  • Welding
  • Cutting and automatic sawing machines: up to Ø600 mm
  • Other machining services up to 2500mm length.


  • With a cutting capability for plates and block of up to 700X700mm


  • Several heat treatment furnaces
  • Quenching, annealing, tempering are performed along the processes


  • Equipped and accredited laboratory
  • Skilled and qualified personnel
  • Full traceability