Metalminotti developed its brands MZ6S®, MZ6H®, MZ6HH® which are Copper Aluminium alloys (Aluminium Bronzes) with high hardness and low coefficient of friction and particularly suitable for forming rolls employed in the production of welded stainless steel tubes.

Their fine and homogeneous grain structure confers an excellent production life to forming rolls. The use of Metalminotti alloys prevents seizures and surfaces defects thus avoiding extra machining, additional costs and production delays. MZ6S, MZ6H, MZ6HH are non-magnetic and have high thermal conductivity enabling the heat generated during the tubes welding operation to be removed and preventing the rolls from over-heating.

Metalminotti supplies:

  • Forming rolls
  • Welding jaws

Metalminotti have a large inventory of extruded, forged and rough machined solid rounds in a wide range of grades and sizes, providing quick and efficient services to customers.