Metalminotti spark-free, amagnetic and corrosion-proof hand-tools are drop-forged and made out of MZW and CuBe alloys. This properties allow safe work in all those environments where suitable measures must be taken to protect against explosions and fire.

In particular, they find their application in petrochemical refineries, oil-tankers, gasworks, ammunition plants, navy and all other high risk places due to the presence of hazardous elements such as inflammable materials, gases, explosives, sea-water, etc.

Their mechanical properties, compared to those of the best steel alloys, grant a long useful life of Metalminotti safety tools.

In addition, they are resistant to corrosion, rust, acids, sea-water, etc. and perfectly meet technical and mechanical requirements of national Boards for the prevention of accidents, Assistance and Assurance Institutions.

  • Some of Metalminotti MZW safety tools: wrenches, sledges, hammers, vices, hatchets.
  • Some of Metalminotti CuBe safety tools: screw-drivers and cutting tools, i.e. chisels, knives, pliers, punches.