Resistance welding is a process which requires different materials’ physical and mechanical properties depending on short or long runs of carbon or stainless steel plates, of meshes and chains.

Metalminotti is a world leading manufacturer of Beryllium & Beryllium-free Copper alloys (RWMA CL. II, III, IV) supplied as electrodes and profiles for resistance welding machines (Butt welding, Wire mesh, Seam, Spot, Projection, Spark).

Metalminotti offers a wide selection of alloys having the best combination of high electrical conductivity and hardness, they permit to obtain superior welding quality, longer electrode’s service life and higher production rates.

Metalminotti offers the following alloys, available in several grades and alternatives, according to special Customers’s need.

  • CuCr1Zr
  • CuBe1®
  • CuBe2®
  • Alloy 205® – Beryllium free RWMA CL III
  • Alloy 206® – Beryllium Free Copper Alloys RWMA Cl. IV

MANUFACTURING PROGRAMME includes Forgings, Extruded bars, Cold-drawn bars supplied in hundreds of shapes and profiles ( i.e. square, flat, round, hexagonal, L-size, Trapezoidal, profiles according to drawing and tolerances of the Customer). A stock is kept to face urgent or requirement for small quantities.

Example of finished parts, supplied according to Customers’ drawings, are:

  • Electrodes and profiles for electro-welded meshes and chains
  • Electrode-holders and vices
  • Welding wheels
  • Welding tips and caps
  • Other products for resistance welding purposes